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I’ve had a love affair with photography since I got my first camera in 5th grade. Since then, I’ve never left the house without a camera (much to the dismay of my friends, as I captured all the highlights of our awkward high school years). While I’ve come a long way from carrying a purse full of double AA batteries to power my lowly 6 megapixel camera, it’s those early days of raw, candid picture-taking that still inspires me today. 

Throughout the last decade , I’ve photographed my experiences from all over the world, working as a full-time flight attendant and moving across the country and back again—calling San Diego, Boston, and Long Island home.

It wasn’t until my brother eloped and I offered to take pictures that I realized I could actually turn my lifelong hobby into a part-time job. So I researched, refined my self-taught photography skills, and set up shop with a homemade studio in my apartment.

I’ve found my way back home to Auburn, NY, but wanderlust always has its way with me. What keeps me rooted here is my love for this area, my family and friends, and desire to keep learning and improving my skills. It truly rounds out my life to be able to do my two favorite things for a living—traveling and taking photos.

When I’m not flying at 35,000 feet, I spend my time at home taking pictures and snuggling with my puppy.

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